The HBA Annual Conference and Awards

The Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) is the umbrella organisation
and national charity that supports and promotes hospital broadcasting in the UK.

Hospital Radio Chelmsford is one of over 200 individual broadcasting stations, representing thousands

of volunteers throughout the UK. Patients in many UK hospitals benefit from programmes designed to make life better for people in hospital and aid their recovery. The HBA provides support, training and guidance to empower volunteers to provide the best service they can. Our own Graham Medhurst is currently the Vice-Chairman of the HBA.

The HBA and member stations are proud of the support from Alan Dedicoat, the voice of BBC Radio 2 and the National Lottery, as patron of the HBA. Previous patrons have included the late great Sir Terry Wogan.

Every March, the HBA hosts The National Hospital Radio Conference and Awards. This weekend event showcases the stations and presenters who spend their free time perfecting their kind of broadcasting as well as celebrating the stand out people and achievements of a niche charitable industry.

Hospital Radio Chelmsford has a rich history of high quality, relevant and entertaining programming, on many occasions coming away with awards that we can be proud of. Some of our most recent successes are:

2018 Gold - Best Newcomer

Tony Knight

2017 Gold - Best Female Presenter

Nita Jhummu

Silver - 2017 Best Station Promotion

Hospital Radio Chelmsford

2015 Gold - Best Female Presenter

Asha Jhummu

2014 Bronze - Programme with multiple presenters

Charlie Still, Rob Jackson, Tom Auston

2012 Gold - Best Male Presenter

Adam Ravenscroft

2010 - Volunteer of the Year

Graham Medhurst

Other awards:

2010  Bronze Best Newcomer - Pam Shearing

2010  Gold  Best Station of the Year

2009  Bronze Special Event Granny Run - Owen Ward

2009  Silver Best Newcomer - Asha Jhummu

2008  Volunteer of the Year - Matt Wade

2008  Gold Best Male Presenter - Tom Foster

2006  Gold - Station of the Year 

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