Hospital Radio Chelmsford has been around for 55 years, initially broadcasting from the Chelmsford

and Essex Hospital and then for a number of years from the gate lodge at St John’s. Nearly ten years ago with the closure of St John’s, a complex of new studios was built in the West Wing of Broomfield Hospital. This comprised of two main studios and a third studio for production, as well as space for a large engineering room and an adjacent store.

So how does it all work?   All three studios consist of digital mixers with a number of backup systems to ensure resilience. The music library consists of approximately of 40,000 music tracks catalogued by genre to aid presenters in the style of music to be played. With a comprehensive search facility music can be searched for by title or artists. The music catalogue includes music from the 50s to the present day,

encompassing for example, easy going, classical and popular music.

Studios 1 and 2 can be linked together making it easier to carry out outside broadcasts or larger productions.      A very good example of this was our live coverage of the General Election in June 2017.

So how does a patient get to hear Hospital Radio Chelmsford? Next to each bed is an audio TV unit that has five channels. Hospital Radio Chelmsford can be found on channel 5.


These five radio channels are FREE of charge 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The radio network is distributed throughout the hospital by a system called Hospedia. Personal headphones are distributed, again FREE of charge, by the ward staff or most probably by Hospital Radio Chelmsford’s own Request Collecting Teams. These teams visit all the wards within the hospital on a rota basis and collect requests from patients and staff to be played on air between 8.30pm – 10pm the same evening Monday to Friday. If this article is being read by someone outside of the hospital who has a friend or relative who is in Broomfield Hospital, a request line is available on 01245 516450.

There are three engineers that look after the station, Paul Morrish, Rich Denman and Alain Heaysman, but the service is always on the lookout for more engineers, IT engineers or IT staff.

Internet Radio and Hospital Radio Chelmsford.  With the uptake of broadband services across the internet and now 3G / 4G are available across the United Kingdom, many radio stations have found that an internet feed has many benefits, one of which is hundreds to millions of listeners worldwide. Even when driving it is so easy to listen to Hospital Radio Chelmsford via 3G / 4G and Bluetooth on a car’s music system.

At this time 10% of all radio listening in the United Kingdom is via the internet.

With these benefits available, Hospital Radio Chelmsford decided to widen its audience, especially for patients who have been discharged and had enjoyed the personal touch of Hospital Radio Chelmsford whilst in Broomfield Hospital.

Currently Hospital Radio Chelmsford broadcasts a stream of high quality (128kbps MP3) on the back of the hospital’s Mega Stream.

Below are a few ways to listen to Hospital Radio Chelmsford on the internet.

  • Direct from this website, via

    the ‘Listen Live’ button.

  • Go to either Apple Store or Google

    play Store and enter “Hospital Radio Chelmsford” in the search box. Download and install the app to your phone or tablet.

  • TuneIn app from IOS Device (Apple). TuneIn is available as a free TuneIn Radio app in the Apple App Store
    for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The app requires your device to run iOS 7.0 or above. In the Apple App Store download, for a fee, the ad-free TuneIn Radio Pro that has additional features.

  • Android Devices. Go to your carrier’s app store (e.g., Google Play Store, Amazon App Store). Search for “TuneIn” and download the application onto your device. After the app has downloaded, create a profile within the TuneIn Radio or TuneIn Radio

Pro application to access your favourite

content wherever you go.

Loads of advice on this website to connect Hospital Radio Chelmsford to your devices, including radio, satellite, TV and mobile phones.

• SONOS. TuneIn Radio is pre-loaded in your Sonos device. Select Radio by TuneIn from the menu on your controller or controller app.

• XBOX. Your Xbox Live account will be linked to your TuneIn account when you first sign in to TuneIn on your device. Once signed in you will have access to the content you follow on TuneIn. As you follow more content, your home screen will change to reflect your taste in music, news, talk and sports.

More information about the radio station and its programme content can be found on this website. 

Should you be interested in supporting Hospital Radio Chelmsford in IT then please do contact us via our contact email on the by following this link.

Request a song by calling 01245 49 26 96*
(*charges may apply)

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