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Manchester Marathon 2019 with presenter Alan Chambers

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Alan Chambers practice run for forthcoming Manchester Marathon

Two years ago I couldn't run for a bus but started to try at first more walking than running but eventually running 5k then 10k, 10 miles and eventually a half marathon. Inspired by watching my wife Samantha and thousands of others at the London Marathon I decided to try what was previously unthinkable and run a marathon myself.

I want at the same time to raise money for the following two incredible charities.

For over 25 years I have been a member of Hospital Radio Chelmsford, a charity which provides a radio service to hospitals in Mid Essex. It is however much more than that as for some patients the only contact they have with anyone while they are in hospital is with the members of the service, and simply playing the record of their choice can really make their day. For me there is also the fact that it's where I met my wife so I have much to be personally grateful for.

The 2nd charity is MIND - the Mental Health Charity. The biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK is suicide. A few weeks ago I unknowingly at the time ran our local park run with Keith Flint of the Prodigy, he ran his fastest time that day, and two days later killed himself. In some ways he and I were alike (male, same age and from Essex) of course in others we were very different. To others Keith appeared to have everything but for reasons unknown he chose to take his own life. MIND work to provide support to people suffering from mental health problems, campaigning to improves services, raise awareness and promote greater understanding.

Running a marathon will be a massive personal challenge for me, but any money I can raise will help people facing greater challenges every day.

To help Alan and support him at the Manchester Marathon 2019 and raise funds for two charities:

Hospital Radio Chelmsford - 1163315 - 50%

Mind - 219830 - 50%

Make a donation to Alan via sponsorme.co.uk

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